Top 10 Reasons You (Still) Didn’t Buy The 3DS :p

Another interesting top 10 ranking from sankakucomplex, this time it’s about various reasons why people still didn’t buy the 3DS. The ranking itself is from multiple choice so there’s percentage too. Here is the ranking result by the way:

1. It’s too expensive/You’re waiting for the price to drop (100%)

2. You’re happy with the DS/DSi (60.6%)

3. You’re worried about the burden on your eyes (41.2%)

4. The screen looks as if it may cause sickness (39.4%)

5. There was hardly any launch soft (24.6%)

6. You’ll buy it when the games you want come out (18.5%)

7. You’re happy with your phone or smartphone (11.1%)

8. You’re happy with your PSP (10.8%)

9. The battery looks too weak (8%)

10. It’s heavy and you don’t want the hassle of lugging it around (7.1%)

Well personally for me I agree with the option #1, #3, #6, #7 and #9, and if I can add one more option it would be ‘It still can’t play 3DS ROM game’ :p


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