VillainROM 1.0 for Galaxy Ace XD

Finally I’ve tried the custom ROM gingerbread for galaxy ace, the name is VillainROM 1.0 which have many advantages than the regular gingerbread for galaxy ace. The advantages and new features are:

– Based on Samsung’s XXPE Gingerbread build
– Pre-rooted with Superuser installed
– De-odexed (improving free space on /system)
– All APKs PNG optimized and zip-aligned
– A few minor tweaks which should improve free memory
– Full battery alert removed (no more 3am wake ups!)
– Added GenieWidget (News and Weather)
– Added Gallery3D
– Added Stock Gingerbread Launcher and REMOVED TouchWizLauncher.apk
– Menu key will now unlock the phone on the lock screen
– SOME bloatware removed
– Huge APN list
– Annoying boot sound removed
– Light weight – stripped down the build a bit without losing functionality

So far there is no bug or error in my galaxy ace for now, and in the next couple of week I heard that there would be a new updates again which are:

– Custom OC/UV kernel
– ClockWorkMod Recovery
– Add advanced power menu options (Reboot, Recovery, Download and Wipe Data (+ confirmation)
– 2.3.4 additions

Surely can’t wait for the updates, oh btw credits goes to all ROM cooker in xda developers 😀


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