Honeyguide RestoCafe Soft Opening @ GJUI 2013



So in Japanese Event GJUI 2013 at Universitas Indonesia Depok a.k.a UI there’s also a new cafe opened for promotion in Soft Opening event. The name is Honeyguide RestoCafe, it’s taken from honeyguide bird. Well if you want to know about it you can check my older post to get the general info about honeyguide bird: 


Back to the topic, so this cafe is just like hinted from the name. It served the foods and drinks which utilized the honey to give a new and unique flavor. The appearance from the front side is like this:


Honeyguide Restocafe


And this is the appearance inside the cafe, still needs renovation isn’t it:


This is the foods and drinks menu from the cafe, it’s a beta version of course since it’s still Soft Opening:

ImageAnd this is one of our specialty, tuna with our special honey sauce. Looks yummy isn’t it:


ImageFor the drinks, there are our specialty drink too based from melon. Honey Melon (right glass) and Milky Melon Freeze (left glass) just like in this picture below:

ImageAnd also we have limited special menu too, its a cake which is only sold in limited quantity every day and not included in the menu since it’s not always the same in each day. For the soft opening we tried this 3 special menu, Spicy Chocolate Mousse for the mix of sweet flavor of chocolate with hot chilli, Cheese Chocolate Frozen for the mix of chocolate and cheese, and Summer Snow for the mix of strawberry and white cream. Each special menu has special and unique taste too. So it would be very interesting to taste the 3 of them 😀

ImageImageAs for the location of the cafe, we open inside the campus UI Depok in the Faculty of Social and Political Science or FISIP in indonesia, at Koendjaraningrat building. This is the general location of it from bing:

ImageWell we’re still preparing for the Grand Opening probably after Lebaran, so stay tuned guys since there would be special offer too for you if you come at Grand Opening :3

The last pic is the commemorative photo from the customers after eaten at Honeyguide, they looks very satisfied isn’t it? 😛



and this is our social media page, if you’re interested please check on them:

facebook: myhoneyguide

twitter: @myhoneyguide

instagram: myhoneyguide

website (still not complete 100%): http://myhoneyguide.com/ 






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