Android OS 2.3 aka Gingerbread \o.o/

Finally I’ve updated my android smartphone OS (Samsung Galaxy Ace) to newest android OS 2.3 or usually called Gingerbread. When I tried it myself, the processing speed is so much better than Eclair (2.1) and Froyo (2.2). In gaming especially, the game runs very smooth and without lag XD

So what’s the new features in Gingerbread? Check this out:

  • Theme and user interface touch-ups
  • Redesigned virtual keyboard with different font
  • Switch to voice mode to make text corrections
  • Multitouch capabilities to enter keyboard shortcuts
  • One-touch text selection
  • Power manager closes some CPU-hogging apps
  • More accessible power management app
  • Internet calling via SIP
  • NFC (near field communication) support
  • New download manager
  • Access to front-facing camera from camera app
  • Enhancements for game developers
  • API support for sensors including gyroscope, gravity, and barometer
  • New audio effects for developers, including sound mixing
  • Support for VP8/WebM video compression
  • Camera API access for developers

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