Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires (Xbox360)

It’s an old game indeed, but still addicting XD

Well it’s like previous Dynasty Warriors games, this one offers a humongous number of different playable characters, each with his or her own weapon and poorly acted, excruciating dialogue. Also like with previous games, you endlessly mash the attack button to slice through swaths of cookie-cutter bad guys that only occasionally find it in their hearts to swing back. And like with previous games, you can unleash a powerful musou attack that lets you hew through even thicker hordes of baddies. So it’s more of the same, though there are some additions and tweaks to combat that add a tad (though not a lot) of variety.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to purchase weapon effects that, for example, increase your attack radius or let you do elemental damage. You can also purchase special attacks and abilities, up to four of which can be assigned at any given time, these include fire attacks, falling rocks, and more. Enemy lieutenants and generals are tougher to take down and seem to do a lot more damage, and these effects and attacks help balance the slightly higher level of difficulty. The renbu system from last year’s Dynasty Warriors 6 works differently in Empires as well. In DW6’s renbu system, you increased your combo count by sustaining a long chain of attacks. Now, your renbu level rises (and your combo potential increases) as you upgrade your weapon, which means there’s less reason to care about racking up long chains during battle.

These modifications don’t make the combat in Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires feel substantially different from that of previous games. That’s why it’s a recommended game to play XD


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