Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP) sells 2 millions in a week o_O

Monster Hunter Mafuyu

So after the game finally released at December 1, it’s already sells approximately 2 millions copy at December 7. I guess that’s monster hunter popularity for you 😀

well here is the full news anyway, courtesy from GameSpot:

Any doubts about the enduring popularity of the Monster Hunter series in Japan were erased this past week. That’s when Monster Hunter Freedom 3, known as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in the island nation, sold 2 million units since going on sale December 1. The shipments appear to be even ahead of publisher Capcom’s optimistic estimates, which predict the PSP game will eventually sell 3.6 million units. Since 2004, the Monster Hunter series has sold more than 15 million units, mostly in Japan.


Japanese monster hunters have bagged a lot of big game.

A sequel to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (known as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G in Japan), Monster Hunter Portable 3rd offers new hunting areas and monstrous prey. It also sports a new Feylene system, which lets players customize their companions’ equipment loadouts when embarking on hunts. The game also sports the same ad hoc co-op mode that has made the series so popular in Japan.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has no US release date as of yet.


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