Journey to the west, to AFA X@Singapore 13-14 November 2010 :D

AFA X banner

So this is the important point for updating my blog, AFA (Anime Festival Asia) X which have been held at Suntech Centre in 13-14 November 2010 last month. Sorry for the late because I didn’t have much time to spare because of work, anyway please enjoy this post 😀

Day 1

So in the first day, me and Izark my friend and also my guide in Singapore flight from Indonesia at 07.00 hoping to get in time to watch Gundam 00 the movie premiere at AFA X, but unfortunately we didn’t make it because we arrived in hotel at 12.10  and the movie started at 12.00  T_T

And we’re also very tired because lack of sleep the night before so we decided to take a good rest at our hotel. By the way we stayed at 4 star hotel named Orchard Parade hotel, here is the pic of the place:

Orchard Parade Hotel

My room, a normal twin bed room

So after me and izark take a rest and have a good meal, we were going to AFA X approximately at 18.00 and we arrived there with a disappointed face because we realized that our target to bought at AFA have been sold out /uuu /swt

And by the way my target at AFA X was Evangelion Jacket, which’ve already sold out only in 1,5 hours since AFA X began.  So even we hurried to AFA X at noon the result would be the same -_-

So my loots at AFA X was Suzumiya Haruhi’s phone strap, Kotobuki Tsumugi’s nendo keychain, Asuka’s shirt  from Evangelion,  Gundam 00’s shirt, and the last is Shizuo’s and Hatsune Miku’s pin. Well not bad for the 1st timer isn’t it? 🙂

well anyway, here is the pics of AFA 1st day:

Me with danny choo itasha background

Me with Gundam 00 itasha background

Me with Haruhi the Movie background

Me with Gundam 00 background

Gundam 00 Quanta plamo AFA X special edition
Strike Freedom plamo Perfect Grade
Project Diva Arcade stand
COSPA stand
COSPA product line-up
CandyToy stand
Tamashii nation’s stand
Milky holmes seiyuu special performance
Hanazawa Kana Live Dubbing session

Many thank you to andhika mapparessa for the photos, because I didn’t go to AFA X from the beginning 😀


Day 2

In the 2nd day, we also missed the movie of Suzumiya Haruhi because of overslept and also we must help coordinating my friend mayazaki or maya-chan because she wanted to cosplay in this day. Well it’s unfortunate but there’s no other way, oh and we’re also missed the regional cosplay championship because of the rain pouring hard -_-a

Well we finally arrived at Suntech Center approximately at 15.00 and we’re still have much time before the Anisong concert so we were strolling around to take the pictures of cosplayer, and here are the pics:

Fate en Nanoha (Mahou Shoujo Nanoha)

Kendo club, with real katana?


Maid with a cute pose XD

Akito en Agito (Air Gear)

Race Queen maybe?

maybe from game, or original?


Shizuo en Izaya (DRRR)

Santa girls XD


Nura Rikuo (Nurarihyon no Mago)

the right one looks like Hatsune Miku, the left one maybe from Touhou?


K-on Girls X3

Me with Beatrice (Umineko no naku koro ni)

After the cosplay session, we were watching the Anisong Concert which was held from 19.00-22.30. The main performers was Angela, Scandal, and May’n. The most impressed for me was Angela’s performance, because it brings back memories when they sing a songs from Soukyuu no Fafner. And also because Kazu Onii-sama (yeah, everyone calls him that :p) did a fabulous MC before they performed. He even teach us about the otaku greeting, which is ‘MOESSSU’ the innovation from Moe (japanese slang for cute). XD

Anisong concert stage

Fyuh, and i think that’s all of it from AFA X. Well personally I’m not satisfied yet because this year we’re too underestimating AFA. But we’ll be back again next year if there’s no problem in our schedule. So until next year, see you again folks 😀



6 thoughts on “Journey to the west, to AFA X@Singapore 13-14 November 2010 :D

  1. so you meet with those milky holmes seiyuu and kana hanazawa 😀
    unfortunately, Ican’t meet them because I’m in hurry 😦
    thanks for the photos ^^



  2. @maya-chan:
    Unfortunately we didn’t met them, cause at that time we’re still sleeping at hotel -_-
    If you looked closely to the photos at day 1, it has the watermark of andhika mapparessa which is the real photographer lol

    iya nih, bener2 sayang 2 film itu ga nonton padahal itu salah satu target utama pergi ke AFA X T_T

    hehe thx, thn dpn ayo kita ke sana bareng 😀

    yeah you’re right, but since I didn’t watched the movie so I didn’t bought it coz it will remind me of my absence in gundam 00 movie premiere 😦

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