Wii is still the best XD

Alright, for the first post after a long vacuum I’ll share the lates news about old competition between Nintendo and Sony which is the result Nintendo is still at the top even after Sony released the PS3 Slim. Here is the news then, enjoy ūüėÄ

PlayStation 3 and Wii sales have by and large been neck-and-neck for the past few months in Japan, save for when the launch of a big-name title¬†such as New Super Mario Bros. disrupts the balance. Still, Nintendo’s console holds a sizable sales lead over its more powerful–and pricier–rival, a fact that was evidenced in glaring detail this week by¬†Famitsu publisher and stat-tracking firm Enterbrain.

According to Japanese news site Andria Sang, Enterbrain announced today that both the Wii and PS3 had achieved significant sales milestones during the week ending December 13. The stat-tracking firm reports that the Wii topped the 9-million-unit mark during the period, having now sold 9,048,012 consoles since its December 2006 launch. Nintendo said two months ago that the console had sold more than 56 million units worldwide through September.

As for Sony’s PS3, the console surpassed the 4-million-unit mark in Japan during the same week, having launched just a few weeks before the Wii in November 2006. Through December 13, the console has sold 4,020,563 units in Japan, and the PS3’s global sales figures through September¬†stand at 27 million.

Enterbrain also provided a sales update on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, saying that the game has sold 1,401,558 through December 13 in Japan. Last week, the stat-tracking firm revealed that¬†Nintendo’s latest platformer had sold 936,734 from December 3-6–the game’s first tracked week of availability–and was the best opening performance for a Wii title in Japan since the console launched in the region. The latest figure indicates that New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold nearly 465,000 units during its second week of availability in Japan.


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