Wii selling hits 35 millions!

I’m not surprised when i read about this news, because it’s obviously wii will outsell PS3 and Xbox360. The price of PS3 and Xbox360 is too inhuman for me, and i think they aren’t consumable too for majority of the gamers in Indonesia. Anyway, here is the official news:

In its latest financial report, Nintendo reported it had sold just under 35 million Wiis since the console’s late 2006 launch. That figure was for combined international sales in all territories including North America, Europe, and Asia–through September 30, 2008. The milestone came several months after the Wii overtook the Xbox 360 in lifetime-to-date sales in the US, according to industry-research firm the NPD Group.

Now Nintendo’s plucky platform has hit a new sales milestone across the Pacific Ocean. Via its Famitsu magazine, Japanese industry-research firm Enterbrain is reporting that Wii sales have exceeded 7 million units in the island nation as of last week. The console’s sales were boosted past this latest barrier by the launch of Animal Crossing: City Folk, which sold over 303,000 units during the week of November 17-23, according to Enterbrain’s estimates.

The Wii’s 7 million sales put it far ahead of its foes in the ongoing console conflict in Japan. According to Enterbrain figures quoted by GameDaily, Japanese sales of the PlayStation 3 numbered just 2.37 million units as of September 30, when the Wii had sold around 6.83 million units in the territory. Sony estimates the PS3 sold nearly 17 million units worldwide by the same date.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the Xbox 360 continues to struggle in Japan despite massive marketing efforts. Enterbrain’s estimate had less than 750,000 units of the console being sold in territory since its 2005 launch. Worldwide to date, the console has sold over 25 million units, more than the original Xbox.


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