Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for Wii


Well, after a long hiatus because of exams and final trial for my graduation, at least i have some time to update my blog. And in this chance i want to review about wii game, the tales of symphonia. Here is the review anyway, enjoy.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is a lighthearted action role-playing game that reacquaints fans of the GameCube original with a wealth of familiar locations and faces. Although those who appreciated its predecessor’s lovable characters and fast-paced battle system will undoubtedly be thrilled with New World’s striking similarities, the game does little to progress beyond its forbearer aside from adding a superfluous monster-pact system. Additionally, those looking for a greater gameplay-to-cutscene ratio and a clearer, more interesting plot may be baffled by how drastically New World comes up short.

The game returns you to Tethe’alla and Sylvarant, two worlds finally reunited by the birth of a new World Tree. Unfortunately, world regeneration came with a price; the death of the old World Tree has unbalanced the world, causing climate change and crazed monsters to strike every town. Marta, a girl with a special gem, is seeking to restore the balance by awakening Ratatosk, lord of monsters, who should stop the monster attacks and fix the disastrous weather. A young orphan boy named Emil soon joins her in exchange for the power to avenge his parents’ death. The duo quickly meets numerous characters from the game’s progenitor, but you may be disappointed if you’re hoping to play with your favorites, given that you have zero control over who joins or leaves your party. Furthermore, though various plot points and background information are periodically explained, the storyline is an intimidating, convoluted mess.

The new pact system offers a refreshing twist to the battle system but quickly becomes irksome and meaningless. Each battlefield emphasizes an elemental grid consisting of one primary and five secondary elements; to form a pact with a monster to enlist its services, you must defeat it by matching the primary to four of the secondary elements via artes, which have elemental attributes. This can be a very frustrating process because your initial access to artes is limited; it’s also difficult to keep your allies from adjusting the grid without ordering them to stand down, but it gets easier as you acquire more artes. You may even find yourself accidentally befriending monsters, of which you can store more than 200. Unfortunately, forming pacts is largely unnecessary because you quickly gain more-powerful human allies and rarely travel without them, which makes monster hunting a moot point.

A few miscellaneous features provide a miniscule amount of depth, including side quests activated at the katz guild, though most of these are short, boring adventures that restrict you from saving the game until they’re finished. There is an item-synthesis system for turning the most banal of objects into awe-inspiring gear, but money and items are so easy to come by that it should be of interest only to item enthusiasts. Cooking is paired with the pact system to enable you to feed your monsters, which improves their stats and may even evolve them into a tougher form, but on the whole you’re left with little other than trivial side quests and needless monster management to pass the time.


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