GTA IV PS3, prepare to be released?


Well, after seeing those HQ picture in GTA IV’s screenshot, i just know that this game will be the best game in PS3.  Grand Theft Auto IV is looking superb. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s looking finished. The millions of eager fans who were disappointed by the game’s postponement can rest easy, because bar a major catastrophe, the game should make its planned April release date. Having played it for two and a half hours at Rockstar’s London offices, we can report that the game is running smoothly, has relatively few bugs, and is as intricately detailed as we’d hope a GTA game would be. In fact, playing five missions and exploring two of the game’s massive districts was almost too much to digest in one sitting, and we left intoxicated by the amount of new characters, areas, and gameplay that it has to offer.

The voice-over work is pretty much finished at this stage, and it’s of the same high quality that we’ve come to expect from the Grand Theft Auto series. Little Jacob’s vocal style makes him pretty hard to understand, but there are subtitles available should you need them. The incidental conversations still help to flesh out the characters in GTAIV, and they’ve become even more well-rounded thanks to a multitude of dialogue recordings. Conversations change depending on how you approach missions, so if you have to repeat them, you’re unlikely to hear the same exchange the second time. We played one assassination mission that took place on a train platform, and the preceding cutscene changed completely when we approached the target from a different angle.


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