Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core!!

I think for now i’ll update my blog with newest game release and its review, so enjoy my first review about Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core.


Crisis Core drops you in the role of Zack Fair, the elite SOLDIER operative who was only glimpsed in flashback in the original Final Fantasy VII. Like all members of SOLDIER, Zack is a special agent who cleans up after the nefarious Shin-Ra corporation, the organization that owns FFVII’s central city of Midgar, and the one which is quietly sucking dry the life force of the planet. A few hours into the storyline, we haven’t quite figured out where things are going yet. So far, we’ve been chasing after a rogue SOLDIER named Genesis alongside our mentor, a hard but noble agent named Angeal who’s showing plucky young Zack the ropes. Based on what we know about Shin-Ra from Final Fantasy VII, we can’t really blame Genesis for going against the grain, but we’ll see where the story goes from here.

Crisis Core wastes no time pulling at your nostalgic heartstrings. Familiar characters like effete goth heartthrob Sephiroth, spunky little ninja-in-training Yuffie, and austere Tseng of the Turks have gotten plenty of play so far, and we expect a lot more to show up throughout the game. The game’s CG-animated intro movie is highly reminiscent of the original game’s opening sequence (and is also of startlingly high quality, as is all of the CG we’ve seen so far). Even the sound effects that accompany menu selections and such are spot-on re-creations of those in FFVII. Fans will surely be pleased.


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