Review: Mirai Nikki (Future’s diary)

Mirai nikki

This is one of the psycho manga i’ve ever read. If you’re a psycho lover, you must read it. I guarantee it, hehehe. Well, here is the story of the comic anyway:

Yukiteru has always been rejecting any offers to go with friends, and he just keeps writing a diary on his cell phone. He has an imaginary friend, a god called Deus Ex Machina. However, Deus now wants to play a game with Yukiteru, a game of survival. There are 12 contestants, Yuki is one of them. The winner of the survival game will become the next Deus Ex Machina. Each contestant is given a diary, and each diary is different, in order to win the game the contestants must use their diaries to eliminate one another. In order for Yuki to survive, he must team up with another diary holder, a girl by the name of Yuno.


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