Happy Birthday Captain!

Maldini’s birthday

Today (June 26 2007) is the birthday of AC Milan Captain, Paolo Maldini. In this day, many fans sent their birthday greetings from all over the world. Here is the examples of it, taken from Milan’s official web:

Hey Paolo,
Happy Birthday mate – you’re my favourite player. I have been watching you since I was 10 years old. I am a season ticket holder from Hitchin, Londra, England and can’t wait to come up and see you guys in action again!
Forza Milano……FORZA MALDINI – Give us one more Champions League!!!!
Bini Nandra

I’am a big Milan fan from city of Nish (Serbia). My whole room is paint in red-black!!!  😉        I gat best wishes for you, and my biggest is that Cristian Maldini one day wear a red-black number 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All the best to you and to all Milan fans,players,Galliani,Berlusconi…………………..

Hi Paolo
i wish you happy birthday a good luck in your next  life and I hope you stay one more season. I m big fan for AC a I been so happy when you won Champion league.
Peter form Slovakia

Happy birthday Paolo ! and thanks for the past season. It’s great that we can still enjoy your superb performance next season.
Enjoy the summer,
Mikko, Finland.

Happy Birthday from Belgium, Paolo!!!
I was born the year you first wore the ‘maglia rossoneri’ and ever since I
was five years old you were the reason why I started playing football. Now
my respect for you as a player and as a man has only got bigger, even beyond
I wanted to visit you when you were in Antwerp for your operation but it
didn’t work out, but I’m looking forward to your ultimate season (hopefully
with you winning the Golden Ball, finally!) and I will be there when you
play your last match at the San Siro.
You mean so much to me and thousands of Rossoneri (and football) fans all
over the world!

I live in France and i will to tell that Paolo Maldini is a legend in France, i support Milan with my family since 15 years and Paolo Maldini represents Milan!! He still keep in your heart until the end of time! Paolo Maldini, We love You! and Happy Birthday To YOU!! FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday magico paolo maldini!!! you are a legend and i feel onored that im living at the same time with you !!!! im a big ac milan fan since you beat steaua bucharest 4-0 and the time is passing away but you still there “alzando cope”..If i was the boss of l’equipe ill give the golden ball to kaka and paolo maldini…And paolo if they will not give you the golden ball i will send you one!!! because you deserve 11 golden balls!! great player great human!! a living legend!!!
Milan tu sei tutta la mia vita!!!
Stefano from Romania!!!!
Ps: C’è solo un capitano!!!


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