Review: Code Geass (2007)

I forgot to review this anime, although it is the best one in this year (for me). That’s why this time i will review it here, please enjoy.

Code Geass

On August 10th, 2010, a.t.b., the Holy Empire of Britannia overpowered Japanese forces and conquered the country with their robotic weapons, the Knightmare Frames, in less than a month. Japan lost its freedom and rights and was renamed Area 11, and the Japanese people are renamed “Elevens” and forced to survive in ghettos, while Britannians live in first-class settlements. Rebel elements persist, however, as pockets of Japanese organizations struggle against the Empire for the independence of Japan.

After his father, the Emperor of Britannia, did nothing to pursue the terrorists who murdered his mother and crippled his sister, a young boy named Lelouch vowed to destroy Britannia. Seven years later in Area 11, he encounters a mysterious girl who gives him the power of the Geass. With it, he finally has the power that he needs to defeat Britannia and fulfill his two wishes: to seek revenge for his mother and to construct a world in which his beloved sister can live happily.


2 thoughts on “Review: Code Geass (2007)

  1. LV chii says:

    kan baru awal tahun 2007, Rizky-san, kok blm2 udh pny most fav 2007? ^_^;
    kalo best anime spring 2007, sih, kebanyakan org memang bilang Lelouch.
    oh, dan kok nggak ada comment Rizky-san soal Lelouch? Aku cuma baca summary-nya saja di atas, berarti kan jd promosi donk? hehe…

  2. Hehehe, yah namanya juga usaha, boleh dong promosi. Tapi emang sebelum direlease CG (Code Geass) ini emang udah digembor-gemborkan oleh banyak orang sebagai salah satu kandidat anime terbaik lho. Bayangin aja, artwork oleh CLAMP dikolaborasikan dengan grafik oleh SUNRISE, duet maut banget tuh. Ditambah yang paling penting adalah seiyuu-nya mantep2 >_

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