Genshiken in ITB: Genshi goes to Tangkuban Parahu

Well, I thought I’ll give you some info about my club in university I’m attending now. Yup, my active club right now is Genshiken or Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuukai. The meaning of that phrase is social modern culture research group, especially in Japan. Our activities right now is mainly about fansubbing raw anime, translating raw mangascan, and many others. Here is the picture of our members in one activity to Tangkuban Parahu.

Genshiken in Tanguban ParahuGenshiken in Tanguban Parahu 2SanzoSanzo & the othersSanzo & Sayato


10 thoughts on “Genshiken in ITB: Genshi goes to Tangkuban Parahu

  1. Maklum baru belajar, krn ga ada ide makanya sementara jadi galeri dulu aja deh. Paling nanti mau ditambah anime review baik yang baru ataupun yang lama. Tapi tetep aja tergantung anime kesukaanku.

  2. great…
    but i need more pict 2b seen ….

    goin’ 2 tangkuban parahu Mt….
    much fog…. haha..

    i hate the smel…. it can make me feel so bad…..

  3. zack says:

    Waa, it looks so fun. It’s a pity I couldn’t join you all to tangkuban perahu. But anyway, genshiken ITB will be bigger, I’m sure of that

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